Sunday, July 27, 2008

Church Plant - New River Fellowship

L-R : Issac, Will, Will Jr., Michael W. Smith, Fergus, Archie & Nerida.
Today the Henderson Clan visited Mary and Matt's Church, New River Fellowship, Franklin Tennessee.
It was an great church of a couple of hundred that meets in a converted Movie Theater Complex that they lease.
The church was envisioned and planted by the singer songwriter Michael W. Smith and it was obvious that although Michael has recently stepped back (he remains an elder) and handed the point leadership to Pastor Steve Garrett the congregation noticeably reflects his mark:
1 * Awesome musicians and singers playing in a contemporary yet relaxed style
2 * The service was middle of the road contemporary, thoroughly evangelical
3 * Like Michael the congregation was a happy outgoing and relational fellowship, very welcoming and warm. The Congregation mixing and laughing etc before, during and after the service.
It was great too that we could hang out with our new friends Bryan and Amber for church and afterwards at Panera Bread it was really nice!! No sugary sauces!!
Anyway today has been great and God's message was : "Jesus be my vision, and from knowing and following Him flows amazing power to live a life of relationship and worship of God that truly satisfies no matter what circumstances we face."

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