Saturday, July 26, 2008

Everything seems BIGGER

Since arriving in the United States we've been blown away by the size of everything.
Big cities.
Big roads/highways.
Big meals and drinks (the boys go berko on the fizzy drink cause a small is like a litre).
Big trucks, cars and utes.
Big hair and other accessories.
Big churches everywhere and massive shopping centres.
The Americans generally have also been BIG on HOSPITALITY too and have really helped us alot. At least twice someone's made the comment, "Well that's what living in community is all about." Nice and freaky at the same time.
Speaking of everything BIG... Fergus has been stung by one of the thousand SUPER SIZED BLACK DEATH HORNETS living in Isaacs play gym!! It was really bad his leg is still swollen, two days afterwards!! After he finished crying Nerida was commenting something about the poison, Fergus overheard and said, "Mum I don't want to be DEAD, I don't want to be DEAD!" Classic. BTW we did reassure him he would be okay.

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