Monday, November 3, 2008

Who does the inviting?

Quick update : Our car is at the mechanics getting the brakes fixed (they actually fell off) and the back window fixed (Nerida smashed it out in a fit of rage a week ago). Anyway David Putman has generously lent us his 'truck' and so this morning I drove over to his house to pick him up for work. And it's amazing the life changing insights God can bring when you're just sitting and chatting in a pick up truck.

For me it was a moment of clarity as we talked about why so many people openly say they're Christians but just aren't following Jesus. My thoughts on why are as follows:

As Christians we often talk about "inviting Jesus into our lives or hearts." We even tell others that they too should "Invite Jesus into their lives." But let's just stop for a moment. Doesn't that get things completely upside down? Isn't it Jesus who does the inviting? As I read the gospels I don't see Peter, James or John inviting Jesus into their lives. Come to think of it, neither did Paul. It was always Jesus who did the inviting. And He's still doing it today. Today no matter where you are (and I mean truely that) He is inviting you and I to follow Him. He's still saying, "You, come follow me. I invite you to enter into MY life." Now that's a completely different paradigm. He's the one doing the leading. He's the one who get's to call the shots. He's the one running the show, not you, not me. It's His life at the end of the day. And if you think you get to call the shots you're not following. It's really that simple.

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