Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"No is not an option" - Jesus

Tonight at a Worldcare planning meeting Pastor David Putman shared that there are three key things that continue to stop people from getting involved:
1. I'm not good enough.
2. Time.
3. Finances.

My thoughts on each of these:
The first one was dealt with by Jesus Himself, His death and resurrection qualifies you. You think you aren’t good enough? Of course you aren’t, no one is. But God loves you enough to send His Son to die for you. And today Jesus calls you to come and follow Him and share His message of life and hope with people everywhere, worldwide. If you’re a Jesus follower you are called, qualified and sent. Sent by Jesus with his promise to be with you always, everywhere, wherever He leads you.

The second issue is really an issue of obedience and priorities. If you aren’t going and sharing the good news of Jesus with someone somewhere let’s face it you aren’t following Jesus. Following Jesus really requires letting Him lead.

The third is the one I continue to struggle with the most. It is a also an issue of continuing to trust Jesus at His word to supply my families needs each day. And that’s just it, if you’re following Jesus the journey is crazy at times and He tends to provide for each day in some amazing ways through amazingly generous people. The issue is to trust Him and His provision.
(BTW the 'Go Logo' is care of the reformed presbyterian church of Ireland - rpc.org/go. Go the fightin Irish!)

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