Monday, November 10, 2008

Plant Visit – Cumberland Church

Yesterday we visited Cumberland Church a Strategic Partner of North Point Ministries. They are running two services (9.30 and 11am). We visited the 11am service. On pulling into the car park we noticed that the building was a refurbishment (an old Lutheran church). We were welcomed inside. We found our way over to the kids check in. After a few difficulties the four boys went into Waumba Land (their brand of kids church) and we had the last laugh as we walked away! Once inside we got a seat, it was pretty full, I’m guestimating aroung 200+ish adults. Nerida actually got a coffee and it was good coffee, nice and hot. The band was excellent, great musicians and clear leadership and times of prayer. Transition into the video message was great. Andy Stanley spoke and closed with prayer. The prayer time was the transition back from video to “live” leadership. Pastor Eddie then closed the service after making an announcement and inviting people to meet with him for coffee. Pastor Eddie Johnson also did a great job leading, welcoming and meeting people. Their notice sheet was a half A4, two sided, one colour. Series info in color on one side and notices on the other. Their guest “gift” was a message from Andy Stanley in a C’board sleeve with a welcome message from Ps Eddie inside. They only had two notices announced that I could remember - Youth and Children’s events.

• Building appearance is important, it doesn’t have to be brand new just modern, neat and cared for.
• There is nothing like having good greeters welcoming both outside and then again inside, offering help and guidance.
• Good children’s ministry is very, very important for mothers.
• Jesus Bible teaching is “central.” Hey okay that’s a no brainer but I’m noting it down. The Worship Leader talked about it in his time of leading and then Andy Stanley is an absolutely amazing communicator. He clearly taught and applied the bible from a Christ-centered perspective. He applied it to both seekers and believers.
• Keep announcements to two key ones.
• Great to have pastors meeting and greeting the people afterwards.
• Printed materials does not need to be much, just well done.

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