Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visit to Fusion Church

Today Nerida & I packed up the boys and headed over to Fusion Church. It was great to visit another plant that is knocking it out when it comes to meeting in a high school. Our first impressions were as follows:
(BTW - Excellent Website, clear and easy to navigate.)
• Great signage on the roads around the school. We easily found where to park and how to find our way to Kids Safari and the main meeting.
• The boys were amazed by the Safari theme of the Fusion Kids Ministry environment. They especially loved the bugs that were nailed to the desk and that they got to be ‘tigers’ and ‘giraffes.’
• We were warmly welcomed by the Safari staff and they answered all Nerida’s questions. It was good to know that they had it under control and our boys were safe.
• Fusions approach to their Kids ministry is that the kids have their own ‘church service’ designed specifically for different age groupings. We weren’t there but the boys loved it, remembered what they were taught and wanted to go back. Now that’s a ‘win.’
• The foyer environment was excellent, from the Krispy Kreme Donuts and Coffee to the warm welcomes and clear directions it was clear that this environment had been carefully thought through.
• Once inside the auditorium (500 seat) we were ushered to a seat and were quickly engaged with the praise time. The words were very gospel centered and the music was contemporary with a rock/pop band style.
• The worship leader did a great job of reminding us of the good news of Jesus.
• The transitions were smooth, quick and frankly I didn’t notice them, that’s a win.
Tony McCollum did a great job with the message. Tony spoke from Matthew 14:22-33. He connected with the audience by beginning with the fears and uncertainties we all face, He then lead us to Jesus and the truth of the gospel and all along the way he applied the truth of Jesus soundly and practically to the challenge of personal fears and uncertainty. It was a little long but Tony is such a good and humorous communicator he pulled it off.
• The band did a great job closing out and we picked up our kids and had a great time chatting about our experiences on the way home.

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Andy Shivers said...

It was cool meeting you guys. God bless you on the huge task ahead of you. If was easy, it would probably be a sign that God wasn't in it.