Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leaders do this.

This post is for my own benefit, but I hope it is food for thought to you also. The past week I’ve been constantly reminded of the importance of leadership: My Pastor Shawn Lovejoy shared : "At Mountain Lake, we seek to live and teach a series of Leadership Practices, based concretely on the life of Jesus. We call them ECHO PRACTICES: Resounding Leadership. Ripple Effect Leadership. We believe an ECHO LEADER:
• Shares the Vision: A leader believes in the vision and inspire others to share it.
• Encourages the Heart: A leader, encourages, challenges, and celebrates others.
• Enables Others: A leader recruits and builds great teams.
• Models the way: A leader sets the pace and the example."

John Maxwell shared that :
The best leaders give their best to their people by...
• Growing personally as leaders,
• Serving their team and lifting their performance,
• Modeling the way
The best leaders get the best from their people by…• Listening actively to their team for insights, thoughts and feedback,
• Relating, they touch a heart before they ask for a hand by sharing life together.
• Teaching their team what they are learning and growing in.
• Developing their team not just for tasks but as leaders.
• Motivating their team by all of the above (and constantly sharing the vision).

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shawn lovejoy said...

Thanks, Will! I love you, man!