Monday, October 27, 2008

Oak Leaf Church - Community Connections

Yesterday Nerida and I drove over to Cartersville GA to visit Oak Leaf Church. We had a great trip, the night before Nerida accidentally smashed out the back glass of our car and so we had the boys rugged up in jackets and blankets – they thought it was awesome!

Anyway Oak Leaf certainly is doing a fantastic job of reaching their community and Nerida and I want to share some of the things we learnt later this week, for today I want to simply post this reminder for myself – marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or ‘sell-out’ to be impactful. Oak Leaf is a great example. Their approach to connecting with their community over Halloween is excellent, see the invite cards above. Michael shares more about it here.

Another powerful outreach strategy they’ve come up with is simply getting the church “out” in the community by setting up a booth downtown and handing out Candy and Invite Cards. I love the way Michael, Anthony, Mitch and the OLC team think. Jesus wants His good news to be spread far and wide! It is a message to be taken out and it’s great to see a church continually seeking to ‘redeem’ their community for Jesus and doing a good job of it too! Mitch has a great post too.

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