Monday, October 20, 2008

200th Post - Archies Birthday!

We recently celebrated Arch's birthday and it was great to see how much he enjoyed himself this time round. We had a great time. It all started off with opening presents and readin Birthday cards from friends and family from back home. I actually felt a little homesick for family for the first time, but only for 3 seconds ;)
We then went and bought Arch some new boots. He calls them his 'hunting boots' cause his favorite show after Sponge Bob is the Deer hunting channel...
We then went and had lunch at Five Guys, it was packed. Archie actually tried to chat up a little blonde girl who was sitting over from him. He offered her some of his hot dog (we diverted their attention) and her Mum said, "Oh how cute!" I then went to get some drinks and while I was away Nerida said the girls Dad looked at Archie and sternly warned, "Okay you've gotta be home by 9, and I'm letting you know I have a gun."
We then went home all feeling a little sick and had a 'nap'. Then it was get up and eat chocolate birthday cake!! Yay. And then I took the boys down to the Church car park to ride on their pushies. All in all it was a great Birthday. We love you so much Archie, may God richly bless and guide your life always.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Archie!!
~Coleson, Amy, and Baby Ryan