Friday, October 3, 2008

Septembers Top 3 - Part 1

The top 3 things I learnt from Mountain Lake in September 08...
In no particular order.

No. 3. It is all about Jesus.
If there is one thing I thank God for it is David Putmans tenacious and laser like focus on keeping the team centred on following Jesus. Sounds simple? Well if we listen to God talking to us through His word it's not. Too easily we get sidetracked into making other things, in fact anything, the focus. God tells us to 'daily' remind and encourage one another to stay following Jesus. We all need encouragement. You never 'arrive' and go onto something else. That's why God tells us to spur one another on. I thank God for David, Shawn, John and the MLC Team, it's a daily thing here and I'm being strengthened as a follower because of it. MLC is all about seeking to grow in knowing Jesus and sharing Him with others.

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