Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Freedom Church Take aways – Part one

The key take away from our visit to Freedom Church last Sunday was – “NO Confusion.”

Car park : There was heaps of road signage. Once we drove into the car park there was a sign saying - "Parents of Preschoolers and first time guests please turn on you lights, thankyou." That sign set the tone for the morning. There was no confusion what to do next.

Welcome : Once parked it was dead easy where to walk because there was huge colorful signage. We then walked up to the ‘welcome desk’ and not only was my wife and I warmly welcomed, but our kids were too! They actually gave the boys a pack of M&M’s each (which I confiscated till after church cause our boys go crazy on sugar ). They talked to our kids, asked them how old they were and then offered to escort us into the Children’s ministry area. Now for us that was great, we don’t want to feel like we’re not welcome to drop our kids off.

Kids Ministry : Once we arrived at the ‘kids check in’ we were again warmly welcomed and everything was explained. The kids were given a welcome gift, a neat kids book, and they are still carrying them around. That was a huge win, cause our boys love Freedom now. We all got neat printed stickers for security/I.D. purposes and then were walked to the different classes. The children staff were very happy and professional. My wife particularly liked the way the workers were clearly identified by ‘staff lanyards.’ ID makes her feel the kids were safe. Again there was no confusion about what to do next.

Next post - Foyer, Meeting, Baptism & Wrap up.

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