Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who's the boss & passing the buck

On Monday my Mum and Dad arrived to stay overnight. We always thoroughly enjoy having our family come to visit, there are inevitably some hilarious moments. Here are a couple from the last visit:
Who's the boss
The boys were arguing who was the boss. After a heated discussion it was concluded that when Pa and Nannie are here they are the 'boss'. When they're gone Dad is the boss. When Dad's gone Mum's the boss. When Mum's gone little Will is the boss. If Will is gone Fergus is the boss... but if it's just Archie home alone no one's the boss. Archie was disgusted. Needless to say the youngest gets away with murder and actually bosses everyone mercilessly.
Passing the buck
Nerida was cleaning the house and was furious when she found that 'someone' had forgot to lift the toilet lid and sprayed everywhere. She interrogated the three boys, "Who made this mess." After a group discussion the three amigo's agreed, "It must have been Pa Mum." Poor Pa. Needless to say he and Nannie use their own bathroom downstairs. The boys got bail.

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