Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Church Planter Essentials 2 - Get Coached

Let's face it, people do not grow in a vacuum. Growing people have others coaching them, and having coaches as a planter/replanter is crucial. It is a non-negotiable.

If you are a planter, be wise and get coaches in your life well before it is obvious you need them. I know most planters are the 'pioneer' type, but there is too much to loose just so you can get some satisfaction out of thinking you can do it alone. The great explorers and pioneers always did their homework as much as possible, prepared for the journey and took a team with them.

One last thought, I'm using the plural cause it is important to have more than one. Don't get tricked into thinking that you will get by with just one coach. It is too much to expect from any one person to be able to coach you in every area. Instead take the time to identify key areas, say three, you know are challenges for you and seek the best coach you can get for each one. Begin with an agreed time frame etc for the coaching relationship. Finally, thank your coach by expressing your gratitude to them personally and by passing what you have learnt on to someone else who is also facing the challenges.

BTW - Go the Dragons for 2010!

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