Thursday, March 25, 2010

Church Planter Essentials 3 - Get Disciplined

Wayne Bennett, legendary coach of the St. George Dragons reflecting on his time playing in the 70's said:
"I love the things that it (playing football) teaches you. It teaches you to be disciplined. I teaches you not to give in. It teaches you to be taken off, it teaches you to handle disappointment."

Discipline is not a 'cool' word in the world I'm living in but I'm convinced it's one the 'hinges' on which life swings. You see a man who can keep himself in check and you see a man others people truly respect. I'm not talking about being boring or 'perfect' but simply consistent, stable and honest in your relationships with others. John Wooden a famous US Basketball coach commented, "Discipline yourself and others won't need to."

Interestingly the word Discipline and Disciple are from the same 'word family' which focuses on training, balanced order and behaviour. As a follower of Jesus I understand that to be called His 'disciple' means to submit to His leadership and care. Jesus offers His Spirit that we might truly live lives that reflect His presence. As we daily engage with Jesus He lives in and through us reflecting His nature in the way we love God and other people. Hmmm I'm still chewing on this one but I'm appreciating the ongoing changes and stability Jesus brings to my life as a husband, Dad, Pastor and friend.

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