Monday, March 15, 2010

Church Planter Essentials 1 - It's ALL about Jesus

Over the next few weeks I'm going to jot down my thoughts on some 'Essentials' when it comes to church planting or replanting.

Number One, for the record and so there is no confusion, make sure you daily nail this one down:
It all begins with Jesus, it is His vision we're being invited to participate in. Die to yourself and daily crucify that old man 'flesh.'
It all flows from Jesus, He is the author and sustainer of all things. Rest in Him and work with His energy and power.
It all ends with Jesus, He will return one day soon to an amazing throng of people from every nation on earth. Live today in the light of the future.
Rick Warren recently twittered it perfectly this way -
"Our path is a Person - JESUS is the Way. Our creed is a person - JESUS is the Truth. Our lifestyle is a Person - JESUS is the Life." John14:6

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