Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sticky Church - Leaky to Sticky - Pastor Larry Osborne

1. New focus to develop a healthy leadership team (Elders & staff).

2. Shepherd the flock I already have as well as reaching out to the lost.

3. Be a Believer targeted & Seeker sensitive church. This really means being a ‘user friendly church that grows followers of Jesus whilst ‘expecting’ seekers. Remember Jesus is an ‘equal opportunity’ offender. No in house jargon/procedures. Explain. Being Seeker expectant is assuming that as you preach the good news of Jesus God will draw. Remove all subliminal messages that say ‘This room is full of mature Christians’ as it will ultimately have a damaging impact on the believers who will assume that this is not a place to bring their lost friends to meet Jesus. By being ‘clear’ and talking as if there are unbelievers in the room you are telling the Christians ‘It is OK for me to bring my friends who don’t know Jesus.” Every service is an open meeting, an open receiving environment. Talk as if they are there and they will be.

4. Foster long term Christ Centered relationships. People ultimately stay because they are loved well. The church too often today has casual and task relationships. Strong ties to Jesus and one another lead to deep discipleship. The goal is frequent, long term and vulnerable relationships. The secret is to provide new groups for new people.

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