Thursday, May 7, 2009

Andy Stanley’s Advice to the Uncertain Leader.

In an article from Catalyst Leadership eMagazine Pastor Andy Stanley gave some great advice to uncertain leaders. Here’s my summary:

Uncertainty is a constant factor and it is the reason we need leaders. Leaders simply make decisions with limited information. The goal is not to eliminate uncertainty, rather leaders seek to focus on being crystal clear in the face of uncertainty. Clarity is giving explicit and precise direction in spite of limited information and unpredictable outcomes.

Think of a Football Coach calling a play. All the very best can do is draw upon the knowledge and intuition they have and call a play. Coaches don’t say, “We don’t have enough information.” The clock is running down! Coaches make a decision and send everyone out to play with specific instructions. Only when the play is run do you know if the right decision was made.

Leading with clarity demands humility and confidence. Humility to acknowledge that at the very best you are making an educated guess. Confidence to move boldly forward in the direction you have determined.

The higher the level of leadership the greater the level of uncertainty. Success leads to increased uncertainty. Your leadership capacity is determined by your ability to deal with uncertainty.

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