Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Teams

This morning I had the opportunity to visit West Ridge Church and sit in with their Staff training time. Pastor Michael Lukaszewski spoke on the importance of “Teams”. Here’s some notes:
1. Great teams trust each other.
If there is no trust it is difficult to pass the ‘ball’ and this ultimately reduces effectiveness and increases burnout. Lack of trust automatically leads to micromanagement. Two causes; An ‘untrusting’ boss and ‘untrustworthy’ staff.
2. Great teams are diverse.
Different gifts equal effectiveness. There is no joy in winning at a game you should never have been playing in the first place.
3. Great teams communicate well.
Clear communication is massively crucial. Use communication devices well:
• text is simple – “is projector working?” - “Yes.”
• email for basic information sharing. Not for discussions.
• phone is for discussion and problem solving.
Always ask are you doing this or me? When two people are in charge there is no one in charge. We should all know each others departments ‘big pictures’ not micro details.
4. Great teams want to win!
Deep desire in their gut and commitment to win. Remember as the leader you can never manufacture passion and desire in other people. Celebrate department ‘Wins.’ You win means we all win. Michael does two things each Monday : sends out a weekly email celebrating & thank you notes to a few key volunteers.
5. Great teams practice.
Way more time spent practicing than playing. You are either getting better or worse at what you do, growing or in a rut. Getting better takes practice and developing your tool box. Growth requires coaching so get a coach. Read books, ask questions, develop a plan and work the plan.
6. Great teams have a great “head coach.”
A great “head coach” is the magic sauce. The Lead Pastor needs a coach too. There is only room for one coach calling the plays, God appoints leaders to lead under Jesus. Our job is to get behind the leader and support Him. It is great for you to give constructive criticism in the appropriate environment but once we’ve worked through it and we’ve landed the plane it is our bet behind 100% the leadership.
7. Great teams deal honestly with weakness.
You only have so much room on the lead team. You are playing a key role and if it is not being done then it needs to be dealt with. Lead pastor hire out your weak spots. Remember what is best for the church is best for the team too. Conduct 360’ staff evaluations as we all need to grow and get better. This takes input and challenge.

“For what is at stake I will do whatever it takes.” – Andy Stanley.

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Jezzmindah said...

Great Stuff! I really like the break up down media devices for effective communication. So important in churches!