Monday, May 4, 2009

Giving grows me

"It is better to give than to recieve." Jesus Christ.

Yesterday at Mountain Lake Church we had our once a year annual special offering for special ministry initiatives in Cumming, USA and throughout the world. It was awesome to see God at work in and through the people who make up this amazingly generous church. The after service 'Cookout' was a huge hit with everyone and the weather held out to make it the perfect ending to literally weeks of vision casting during the 'Potential' series and the weekly Backstage Pass Lunches. Then Pastor Steven said at THR3E, "If you want your people to bleed you as the leader have to haemorrage!"

All that to say - For the past few weeks God has been challenging me again about my leadership AND MY FOLLOWERSHIP. Specifically, was I willing to keep letting go of the false security that little 'g' the god that is 'money' pretends to offer and instead keep embracing God again as my 'provider.' Let me tell you, the struggle hasn't gone away, in fact it has only increased as we've stepped out in faith to start this new church in Brisbane Australia. But every time I've stepped out and felt like I'm about to die God has stepped up and met our needs and MORE! God really has been speaking to me loud that it takes a growing, humble, and at all times faithful follower (of Jesus) to lead His people. It will not work any other way. Thanks God for stretching and growing me as a follower of Jesus.

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