Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trip home from the Smokies

Tuesday morning we got up and drove to Gatlinburg (and strangely my throat was feeling dry...)

Then we drove into the Smokies and went on a walk through the bush to try and see a bear. We walked and walked but alas there were no black bears. So we walked back to the Rodeo and drove down Cades Cove and had an amazing time. Nerida saw a 10 point buck (I need glasses), and 2 eight point bucks as well as heaps of does. We had a great time looking at all the historical buildings etc.

Anyway the trip home was along the most winding road that Nerida and I have ever been on. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was feeling a bit crook in the guts, and we passed one car on the side of the road where a girl was lying on her back with her feet up in the air against the car passed OUT!

It was called the Dragons Tail, and there were heaps of bikers on the road flying along and overtaking. Anyway Nerida got realy crook and we had to stop 3 times and then iron guts Archie started throwing up... 4 times. Thankfully we had a bucket(?) in the car and little Will his co-driver caught all the mess. Anyway it all made for one of those amazing adventures that we'll all talk about when we get to 80+.

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Anonymous said... went to the dragon. That is a fun road. I love it on the bike - Tim Lawrence