Thursday, September 24, 2009

Collision 4 Review

Wednesday night is a night that I will look back on for me as one of those real turning points in the journey that is founding Engage City Church. With a few key leaders away out of town for holidays and mission trip I was tempted to wonder if anyone would turn up after the amazing night we had last week. Well, despite all my stressing, again it was a fantastic night with more new familes and couples turning up with a heart to partner with a new church intent on engaging in the old mission of Jesus.

My very good friend John shared his powerful testimony of God's unyeilding grace in his life. It was so good as it connected so clearly into our discussion of Tim Kellers book “The Prodigal God.” Austin as always lead so well with our time of prayer and singing. I shared my commitment to stick with Jesus and His declaration that when we proclaim Him as Lord and Saviour He “will build His church.” (Matthew 16 verse 18)

We had some amazing food. Lorri blew us all away with her gluten free lemon tart! Hey, I need to say it again this is a Church that I can honestly invite my friends to. Thanks Jesus for your work in and through us, it is a privilege to be invited to serve the people of Brisbane with you. Also a huge thanks for everyone who is praying for this new church, God is definitely at work!

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