Friday, October 9, 2009

Collision 6 Review

Well on Wednesday Night we had our 6th Launch Team Meeting. We call them “Collision” meetings where the aim is to provide an environment where community and vision can “collide.”

It is great to see the Engage Team continue to grow. The vision is clear and the mission is simple. We exist to see people who are far from God engage with Jesus and the life He offers.

A few people have asked us what do we do at our “Collision” meetings. Good question. We begin the time just hanging out and having dinner together. Nerida has done an amazing job with this and everyone loves the Barbies, Southern Chicken, Mexican nights etc that she has created and delivered. We then usually have some sort of “Icebreaker” where we share our names etc. Austin then leads us in a time of prayer and praise. We always have someone share their story of how they met Jesus and started to follow Him. We always open up our Bibles and read God’s word together. At the moment we are working on Luke – Acts and seeing how Jesus began and continues His mission through His followers. Vision time, praise time, prayer time, sharing time.

A simple night, but it seems that Jesus is really at work in and through it.

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