Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love the new series at Mountain Lake Church - 'Potential'. Looking at the book of Genesis and specifically the life and calling of Abraham. God promised Abe that his descendants would be uncountable like the 'stars in the sky.' A promise ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. Through His life, death and resurrection Jesus has and is continuing to gather an amazing family from every nation called to be blessed by God's grace and to be a blessing to the earth.

People who Jesus has blessed me through:
My wife Nerida.
My three boys; Will, Fergus and Archie.
My Dad and Mum.
My four sisters, their husbands and their amazing kids.
My Pastors and Coaches - David and Shawn.
My Aussie Pastors - Mike, Wayne, Roly, Bob, Mark, Steve and their wives.
My Aussie mates - Dan, Jens, Phil, Ben, Tim, Sam, Chocko, Michael... Hang on I'll be blogging all day. I've been blessed by more than I can count let alone write down here!

Bottom line - Mountain Laker? Get to church this Sunday we're going to celebrate the Collective Potential that as followers of Jesus we have to change the world for good.

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