Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nerida V's Vanessa Branch

Gotta love this clip James Rodder pulled together for Mountain Lake Church's Easter Saturday/Sunday Services. For me Ned beats Vanessa hands down... FABULOUS! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You don't want to know what I think. I have been following your blog for a while now and it scares me to think you guys are for real. Nerida looks great thats for sure, but really, does church give us a 'Perfect Life no matter what' or does Jesus. Hang on Jesus doesn't even say that. He promises persecutions for His names sake. I am praying for you brother to see the Lord for who is really is and not just some cheap scam to get people into church.

Matt Ebenezer said...

Go Ned! America looks good on you! :)

Shannon Brown said...

I love it and I am so glad you put it on your blog...I have been waiting for you to since they showed it at service! Nerida did awesome!!

Will Henderson said...

Hey "Mr Anonymous" four things I would like to point out;
1. I love you.
2. The "Church Gum" video was played as a 'tounge in cheek' sermon illustration introducing and highlighting the huge difference between the Gospel of Jesus Christ compared to the false 'gospel' of Religion. Indeed the Apostle Paul clearly teaches us in Galatians that if anyone thinks that 'Going to Church' or indeed 'DOING anything' appart from trusting in Jesus makes us right with God they are believing in a devil inspired 'false' gospel. Hence the parody of 'Church Gum,' seeking to expose the folly of believing that just because you've made the decision to follow Jesus you will have a "perfect life no matter what." I and indeed ALL of the Pastors at MLC would totally agree that Jesus never promised an EASY life for His followers - hence the video which seeks to show how stupid and ludicrous the false 'prosperity' gospel is. The use of the video is simply a 21st C way of telling a story to illustrate a truth. Interestingly, Jesus did the same thing in a number of His Parables - Theologians call it 'Hyperbole.' He used parables for dramatic effect and to draw out a response from the hearer. Seems to have worked with you. Sorry you missed the point and failed to be clarify your concern before dropping your hammer.
3. The video is not "some cheap scam to get people into church." In fact no one appart from the staff new it was going to be played in the services.
4. And finally, why if you are so concerned for my spiritual state do you refuse to show who YOU are and instead choose to hide in the darkness? I am the first to proclaim that I am a failure when it comes to being perfect, but then again all the more reason for me to boast in my Lord Jesus and his cross and presence in my life. Finally, I would encourage you to be a real man or a woman of God and have the guts to show who you are or don't bother posting your critical and ill informed comments. I sure will not bother addressing them. Anyway I pray too for you that in your obvious 'zeal' to straighten out your brothers and sisters you will not hurt more than you correct. Bottom line - slow down and get your facts straight before you start firing off half cocked.