Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ministry and Fine Wine - Sirromet Winery

Well this morning Nerida and I spend a few hours catching up at the beautiful Sirromet Winery.
Now I don't often blog about such things but our experience at the Winery was exceptional. Nerida and I had a great time just reconnecting. Work has been so hectic lately and it was a long overdue meeting. Anyway, there's nothing like getting away together, so we did!! Great morning tea, scones, cream and coffee.
And while we were enjoying that Andrew Mirosch the Executive Chef was getting some photos taken for the Saturday Courier Mail... he generously offered us a taste of a chicken main, I honestly don't know what it was called but it was incredible. So here's a great shout out to Andrew! Thanks for blessing my wife and I today.
God certainly has his hand on our lives and it's so encouraging to receive these obvious encouragements as we walk with Him!!
Sirromet Winery, men take your wife there some time, it's fantastic!!

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