Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eggs & Weightlifting!!

With Easter just around the corner I'm getting real excited about the new series we're launching on Easter Sunday!!
Easter is going to be off the hook this year!!
With thousands more eggs and a great day out for the family with our annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Spring Lake Park Easter Saturday will be a fantastic way we can serve and show our community the love of God.
Then on Easter Sunday we're set to celebrate the power of God in raising His son Jesus as we launch a new series "the games of life." With the theme - get in the game, I know this series will challenge, encourage and inspire as we work through God's word over the four Sundays.
And just to take it right over the top, on the Sunday following Easter we've got Gold medalist Deborah Lovely coming to share her powerful testimony!!
All I can say is "Bring it!!"
Pray, start inviting your friends and get ready to be changed by God through his living word. Easter - I love it!!

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