Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fergus defeats the CLAW

It was great to spend a few hours with the boys at DREAMWORLD on Saturday.
The boys wanted to ride the CLAW, and how could I chicken out if they wanted to ride the feakingly scary mind bruising stomach churning ride of pain. So we rode it. I had my eyes open for the first half but then squeezed them firmly shut only to open them at the end. I looked over to Will who was smiling. Turned to Fergus and his head was hanging down, eyes closed and spit dribbling out of his mouth. I said "You okay mate?" To which he slowly lifted his head, opened his eyes and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Yeah Dad" he mumbled. We got off the ride and started shuffling around to meet Nerida and Arch.
Now this is the crazy part. As we turned the corner Fergus ran ahead and started punching the air whooping, "Yeah, that was awesome! That was awesome MUM!" Will and I looked at each other, we weren't one bit convinced, he is his mothers boy though.

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