Monday, February 15, 2010

Launch Sunday Review

Well after six months of praying, planning and gospel scheming Engage City Church officially launched yesterday!

It was absolutely amazing to meet so many new people, reconnect with old friends and to celebrate with the Engage Launch Team. As I reflect today on what happened I can't help but be humbled and thank God for what He has done here in Brisbane and that I get to join Him in His work. Honestly, I have the best group of Jesus hearted people around, no longer a launch team, but a church that exists to see people engaged with Jesus and the life He offers.

Mike and Lee did an amazing job of leading the time of singing. Tim and Lauren literally blew the kids ministry up - we will be undertaking urgent running repairs on the broken floor this week :) But the most amazing thing was to be able to see the way absolutely every member of the Launch Team got in and just served.

This Wednesday night with great gratitude I will decommission the Engage Launch Team. They have been a part of history, they have seen Jesus gathering His church and they have experienced the joy of serving our community with Him. We will celebrate what He has done and I will re-commission them as servants of Engage City Church! I have the best job in the world.

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Rob Wilton said...

great stuff mate. praying for you guys. hope to come to Aus sometime soon. we enjoyed hanging with you guys in Vail.