Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pastor - Keep Yourself Healthy

Lead Pastors, if we are going to position ourselves to see maximum impact for Christ in our community/world we need to understand that there are five things that you must focus on (repeatedly):
1. Leading and equipping the team.
2. Casting the vision.
3. Financing the mission.
4. Being the primary communicator – constantly growing in delivering the multifaceted good news to lost, hurting, discouraged people in a clear, honest, gracious, hope filled and inspiring way.
5. Nurturing your personal vitality – You will only reproduce what you are.

This is your job description and five sweet spots you as the lead pastor need to be constantly positioning and repositioning yourself in as the spiritual leader of your church. Anyone can build a organization but it takes a disciple to be a channel for God to build a community of disciples. It really does begin with the lead man. It is your job and it is your second in charge’s job description to be your man at arms in guarding and helping you to get into and keep in these 5 areas.

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