Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How do I follow Jesus?

How do you follow Jesus? That was a question I was asked earlier this afternoon. And as far as I'm concerned it is the question that needs to be answered over all others. You see, when Jesus began His ministry 2000 odd years ago He did so by simply inviting a bunch of ordinary fishermen to 'Come follow me'. They did and history records that they ended up "turning the world upside down." I also believe that Jesus continues to invite people today to 'come follow'. So it is really, really important that we understand what Jesus means when he says, "You, come follow me."

My Thoughts:
LEADERSHIP : Firstly, it's Jesus who's leading not you or me. Jesus invites us to follow Him as we walk through life. That means Jesus is the 'leader' not me, not you. It's Jesus who is calling the shots.

TRUST : It's about an ongoing trust relationship. To follow Jesus' leadership I need to continue to place my trust in Him and in His direction and ways.

MOTIVATION : Religion tells us, "Do these things and God will accept you or like you." Jesus on the other hand says, "I accept you as you are AND I invite you right now to place your trust in My leadership, the forgiveness I offer and My power to live a life that honors God." Where religion demands I strive to be good enough Jesus accepts, forgives, leads and empowers you to actually live a life of practical love, a life you never would thought was possible.

What do you think? Let's nail this down together for the sake of Jesus, His Kingdom and those who don't know Him yet.

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