Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

Driving in the car the other day we were talking about how my sister who lives in the US is having another baby. The discussion was going fine until our 2 year old boy Archie blurted out, "Mum, where I come from?" To which our eldest Will who is 7 immediately interjected, "Nevermind Archie, you won't understand."
Nerida and I immediately stared at each other and after a couple of seconds, I plucked up the courage and asked, "So Will, what do you know about where you come from?"
Will rolled his eyes and replied, "Dad it's too hard for Archie."
I was starting to get a little frightened now, and I blurted out, "Seriously Will what do you know about where you come from?"
"Oh Dad," Will moaned, "Why do I have to go over it? Archie comes from Australia, Fergus comes from Australia, I come from Australia, we all come from Australia."
Nerida and I looked at each other as I continued driving and just cracked up... Pheew, that was a close one!! I reckon I can put the 'birds and the bees' talk off for a little while yet.

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