Thursday, September 23, 2010

Engage Care | Karen Garage Sale 2010

Yearly there has been a "Giant Garage Sale" in Brisbane to raise money for the work on the Thai-Burma border. It is happening again this year on Saturday 2nd October, 7am to noon. Please come along and spend up big!!!

Also, we need your goods. Toys that now sit lonesome, that breadmaker you swore would come in good use, that lamp you bought on impulse, anything you think is worth selling we would love to have at our garage sale. If you have things to donate to the garage sale you can leave them at Creek Rd Presbyterian Church building Monday 27th to Thursday 30th September (9am-4pm) or Friday 1st October (9am-9pm).

All the money will go towards education in 3 primary schools in Mae Hla Refugee Camp and 1 high school (Noh Bo Academy). This will help fund teachers' salaries, uniforms, health, toiletries, education needs, building maintenance and travel. Brochures will be available at Engage on Sunday explaining the work at the border. The funds will be distributed by our partner church, Christ Church Bangkok.

If you've got any questions contact me (Tim) on tim at

This is just another great way Engage City Church can partner with God's global work!

Written by Tim Iedema

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