Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday Reflection

Today was amazing.
- We launched our brand new series 100% James. I talked about how everyone will face trails and temptations, what makes the difference is our decision to either trust Jesus and lean into Him OR disengage from Him and embrace sin. I think it went well. There was a fair bit of positive feedback and I'm pumped to preach again next Sunday on James' letter to the Church.
- Tim, Yoriko, Sam and Jess did a great job on music and Steve as usual made everyone sound sweet.
- There was a huge pile of blankets at front of the room as people kept bringing in blankets for our Refugee Care push.
- I got to have lunch with a visitor and it's always great to hear people talk about Jesus stretching and growing them
- My beautiful wife played the piano for the early service, she still has got it :)
- The kids had a great time in Engage Kids. They especially loved the game Lauren had them playing where they got to read out sentences from the Bible. It was cool to go and pick them up and they were all still sitting around in a circle quietly praying.
- Looking forward to Tuesday night and our first ever Mission Team get together. Exciting times.
- Archie wore his Pirate hat to church, he so wants to be a Pirate. So do I.

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