Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movements that change the world

Steve Addison, church planter and coach recently released his long anticipated book, “Movements that change the world.” As a pastor who is currently in the midst of planting a new church I highly recommend this book simply because Steve is the real deal. He has the insight having planted two churches himself and countless hours interacting, nurturing and developing pastors, leaders and church planters. Steve Addison has continually encouraged, challenged and mentored me as I have prepared to start a new church in the inner city area of Brisbane, Australia.

Most importantly I love Steve's heart for Jesus. A passion that is clearly expressed in his definition of a 'movement'. He describes movements as birthed from relationships that are energetic, committed and focused. A focus that includes those outside. This is good news. This is the Christian gospel. This is what Jesus Chris is doing today in and through His church. Jesus continues to move throughout the world as His followers love, care and serve people everywhere in His name.

Pick up Pastor Steve Addison's new book today at movements.net, I guarantee it will tip your world upside down. Good stuff, and while you're at it check out his blog steveaddison.net, it is chock full of insight for planters, pastors and leaders.

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