Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Week at Mountain Lake Church

Sunday – Last service at MLC, we love this place and the people.
Matt and Mary arrived to help us pack and clean the 'Aussie House.'
West campus moves their storage to a shed at the back of our house.
Boys sprayed water everywhere in the storage shed. Dad not happy.
John shepherd not happy.

– Packed van and took boys up to see John.
Dinner with the Buckalews.

Tuesday – Packed and cleaned some more.
Car breaks down – starter motor has given up the ghost. Take it to Hamby's.
Last leadership challenge. It's great to hang and pray with David, Shawn, Louie, John, Todd, Chad and Rodney for the last time as 'team.'
Dinner with James and Jenny Rodder.

Wednesday – Nerida goes to Hairdressers, comes back looking smokin' hot!
Clean, mop, vacuum and scrub the house. Final packing. Will we make it?
One last hang with David Putman, Shawn Lovejoy, John shepherd and the team.
“Merge” and say good bye to our family at Mountain Lake Church.
Drive to Nashville TN – drive through crazy storms, can't wind window up. Car actually splutters and coughs on at least 5 occasions, but is fine when the storms stop :) Arrive at 2am GA time. I lie down and thank God for everything.

Thursday – change tags with Mary.
Cook a massive Turkey – Thanksgiving! Seriously!

Friday – keep packing and arranging getting ready to go.

Tomorrow – We fly out of Tennessee → LA → Fiji → Brisbane, Australia!

Sunday is lost in space.

Monday – we arrive in Brisbane at luchtime and head out to my parents 'Ranch' in the hills to decompress with our friends Gerry and Shannon Brown.

Thanks Mountain Lake for the last year we really love you all and will deeply miss you.


Tricia Lovejoy said...

Shanwn and I laughed as we read this. Too funny!

Will Henderson said...

There were certainly times of laughter and tears this past week. We'll miss you and Shawn more than you know.